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Floyd Conversion

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i think that converting that actual tremolo would be almost impossible. i would love to see someone do it. it would be easier to buy a floyd and just route out the new cavity in the guitar.

i guess that u could put a locking nut on the guitar and still use the strat trem but it would be somewhat hard to tune.

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I think what the guy meant is hot to take off the old one and install a floyd.

Basicly in a nut shell theres a fair amount of work involved, most of it in routing and setting up the appropriate templates.

What you have to do is to first of all work out if you need to route a recess for the floyd plate. Chances are you will have to.

You will also have to route out a cavity for the floyd body to fit into, which will go all the way through the guitar.

You'll also have to understand how and in which position to mount the bridge to make sure the scale is kept true. Once you drill those post holes you'll want them to be perfect.

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i think that mayb u dont actually have to route anything. On my kramer baretta the floyd sits on the body as designed by van halen. in that case i think all you would have to do is fill the screw holes from the strat trem then drill two holes for the floyds posts.

of course w/ this design, it is impossible to pull up on the floyd

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