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Flat Fretboards?

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I made one and I liked it. Its not that great for bar chords, if you play them the standard way... but I play them using my thumb over the top of the neck for the thickest string, so it didnt bother me.

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My impression was that even classicals with a "flat" fretboard had a slight radius to them, so that you wouldn't end up with a concave board from wear or the wood shrinking/changing over time - at least that's what I've been told. Whether or not it's true is another story; but I have seen "toy" guitars and ukeleles from dept. stores at thrift shops and yard sales with what feel like concave boards.

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I have a guitar fith a flat fingerboard.

Love it for soloing, bends, etc. If you are a "shredder" type of guy, a guitar with a flat fingerboard would fit you great.

Jason Becker's favourite Carvin had a huge radius - can't remember the figure but it was pretty close to completely flat.

Also, it's not THAT hard to play bar chords on flat fingerboards. It depends on many factors - type and gauge os strings, your experience, etc...

It requieres some time to get accustomed to it, then you're OK.

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