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Spray Can Amber Neck Tint Nitro In The Uk?

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I am in need of some amber neck tint nitro in spray cans. I've relocated from the States to London and can't seem to find a solid source for it here in the UK. I've been spoiled by StewMac's selection and availability but, alas, they don't ship overseas.

Anyone know of a UK source for "Fender Style" neck amber nitro in a rattle can?

Thanks and best regards,


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Talk to your local paint factors (look in the yellow pages under car paint or something like that), any automotive paint supplier worth his salt should be able to knock up something for you. If not PM me and get down to Kent !


Oh, have you tried Behlen's ? - i'm sure they do some in aerosol's. Just had a quick look and heypresto must be something thats close enough (golden oak/fruitwood/maple ?) and half the price that DM and Manchestertech will rush you for it.

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Hi all!

I'm from Finland and I'm interested in finding nitro spray cans from Europe. UK would be a great option if the shipping to Finland wasn't grazy - £55 for two cans :D

Does anyone know any place from Europe mainland, ie Germany, that would have more reasonable shipping prices for such "ready-made" cans?

I could use the service to fill spray cans in Finland, of course, but the price is quite high, again, and I would like to find a place which offers several ready tinted nitro laquers and paints.

Thanks a lot!

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