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Les Paul's Les Paul?

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He plays an old walnut recording model from the '70s with active electronics. Polfuss has never been much for distortion, much like Leo Fender, so he plays the cleanest sounding equipment he can find. Occasionally Gibson will "present" him with a "new" Les Paul at award and trade shows, but he never plays 'em. He considers them to be antiquated technology.

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These Les Paul recording guitars are pretty nice instruments. You are correct, crafty, Les Paul prefers a more evolved instrument and one of the reasons he left Gibson was because they weren't progressive enough. These recording instruments have large single coils with heavy gauge coil wire for a very low output but hi-fidelity signal. The controls are amazing. I especially like the treble and bass controls (both passive). They also have a strange 3 way tone switch that sets a combination of controls for each setting. The page that marksound links to has more info. Worth looking into.

This is a highly effective instrument. I really wonder why Gibson did not continue to produce them at least in small numbers. I guess the bottom line won out again.

A few years I had the pleasure of modifying one of these guitars. This was done for a local (western NY) recording musician who wanted a Stetsbar and a hexaphonic system installed. It is still his main guitar in the studio. This one actually made into Les Paul's hands but unfortunately there wasn't much time for Les to check it out. But he did play it for a bit and enjoyed the Stetsbar (and the hexaphonic concept). He must have liked it because he offered to purchase the instrument (the offer was refused). I think it's pretty cool to have had at least something from my workbench in his hands. Here is a pic of the guitar:


The body was laminated mahogany (1 piece wide, 2 pieces thick) and fully carved. The neck was 2 pieces joined down the middle. Very nice player as well. The pickups were designed for ultra-clean cleans and had an amazing range. I still think about making a guitar like it someday.


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Ah, yes. I forgot that the electronics were Low-Z, but not active. Duh. That's easy to forget.

Gibson had a celebration for Polfuss' 90th birthday and Henry J. gave him a new custom LP. To which Polfuss responded, "I knew I should have gone with Fender." Prolly wound up at Gruhn's.

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