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Musicmaster To Duo-sonic


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Weird that they don't already show the bridge being grounded. ? Fender must've cut costs even more than we thought, to produce this guitar. :D

Funky-cool guitar... I like these... I have to admit, I had never seen the MM or Duo-Sonic before... weird that they slipped under my radar! :D

Just attach a thin wire to the bridge, feed it under the pickguard material and into your control cavity, where you can solder it to wherever you've decided to make ground. The diagram doesn't seem to specify... is it assumed that there's connectivity between the pots via the pickguard (eg, there's some foil or shielding in-place) or something?

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Yes actually my MusicmasterII has an aluminum gasket that matches the shape of the PG. I still have to cut a hole for the second pup.

It's funny. This was my first electric guitar, acquired around 1970. It's the 24"scale. The neck and body seem to be different years but date from the early 60's. About 15 years ago nobody thought much of these so I stripped it to bare wood and replaced the original pup with a humbucker. There was no internet and no aftermarket PGs for these available to me so I replaced the cracked original with a homemade wood one. Only recently I've rekindled my guitar mania and I'm gonna it give some new life. The earliest Musicmaster/MusicmasterII's and Duo-Sonic of course have the same routs so a good one to mod.

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