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Schaller Floyd V Original Floyd

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Its time now to source the trem for my beloved patchwork axe, I have not spared any expense so far on components, when I was last into guitars so heavily as I am now (I'm a prodigal son) it was always a simply race between Kahler and Floyd, now there are licensed versions every where I look and nothing said of Kahlers pretty much, anyhoo, what is the deal between FRO and Schaller FR, I have a licensed FR on a Jackson and the metal is so so soft, its a simple matter to even strip the allen key recess, real dissapointing. I have read that Schaller version is an upgrade to thr FRO, is this true and if so what is the upgrade? :D

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Schaller made most of the original Floyd's back in the day so, as Wes said, you'd be happy with both. Due to the slightly shorter stock on the Schaller a lot of people use these if you're going to recess it into the body but it's your build so choose whatever you fancy. I use Schaller for the guitars i build but that just may be the fact i'm in Europe and Schaller's are more available than OFR's.


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