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Question About Better Neck Joint.

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I am going to slot the body to receive the neck stock.

The neck section is wider at the tip that will be at the body.

Should I use all of the neck wood possible and keep it so, or taper the neck stock to follow the taper of the fingerboard?

Will it matter?



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I presume you're talking about a set neck as opposed to bolt-on? I think that a narrower tenon, or the same width as the neck may be marginally more stable than a wider tenon.

edit: It's a gut feeling on this one....I wouldn't consider it myself for structural neck/body join issues....I would only use a wider-than-the-neck join if it were a neck-through tenon, a la the Gibson Thunderbird....

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I have a 1-3/4" thick body and I am making it with a neck tenon joint.

What do you find is a good depth for the route?

I have some Les Paul Jr. plans and it has a 1-3/4" body with a 1-1/4" depth on the body route.

That leaves 1/2" for backing.

Is that good enough?



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