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From Gearwire:


I wonder what the underlying technology is? Lots of people have used systems that go from passive to active. That's not exactly revolutionary, though it *IS* uncommon on a production guitar. But they claim to increase the frequency range. Not just resonant peaks, or overall amplification, but range. Unless they're using the wrong term, it makes the technology tricky to figure out. Traditional passives only have a certain frequency range... they won't reproduce (very well) frequencies above or below X-Hz. Actives with different coil structures, like EMGs, produce a wider range, but can't work passively. Systems like Bartolini are really just traditional passives with active preamp/EQ.

So I wonder what lies beneath the Godin stuff? The only thing I can think of is that they use a different passive technology, such as the Lace Transensor, and also add active electronics.

Could just be marketing "spin". It could really just be passives + electronics after all.



[edit: a little bit more reading and I think that's all it is... traditional passives, with a pre-"voiced" active preamp/EQ. The EQ is likely hard-wired to a certain curve to simple things down and not add a bunch of knobs to the guitar.]

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A good question. Maybe to ease the fears of people who worry that the guitar "won't work" if the battery runs out? To convince people that they can have "modern high gain hi-fi active sound" and "vintage passive sound" all in one? Marketing is a funny thing. :D To me, your idea is a better one. Mini trim pots inside the cavity, even better-- shape your "alternate EQ" with the control cover off, and then when you want to switch to it, press the button.

Hey... wonder if there are enough 3rd party components out there to design something like this. :D


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