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Aircraft Stripper

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Hi Guys,

Does anybody know where if Aircraft Stripper is available in the UK? I'm trying to take the finish off an RG 370 body and need to take off the sealer as well as there is a lot of woodworking to be done.

I've tried sandpaper and a heat gun but it's taking forever and ever so I'm starting to look at chemical stripping...As the finish is polyester, my Rustin's Strypit doesn't even touch it.

If anybody knows if Aircraft Stripper (or something similar) is available in the UK then I'd be very greatful.



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Yeah, I believe Nitromors is what you're after. Anecdotal stories say "it was used to strip the paint off tanks". Whether it meant Challenger IIs or diesel ASTs is unknown :-D

You can pick this gear up from B&Q and general hardware stores in the paint departments.

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