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Neck Angle Questions

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I'm going to cut my neck angle into the neck instead of the pocket, how do you cut the pocket and the neck tenon? I've considered a router, but I don't have a template. And a band saw, but would that be exact enough? What would you do?

Secondly, what if my angle was calculated wrong? Would it kill if I was a degree off? If I wasn't sure, should I be over or under on the angle?

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I'm bulding a set neck guitar right now.

For the neck pocket, I'll drill out the bulk of the material with a Forstner but, then route the final shape with a template I'll make from straightedges laid against the neck sides and then clamped into place.

For the neck, I used a router and a template (I used a band saw to rough cut a birch ply template, then cut the straight edges with a straightedge and a template bit and sanded the rounded corners for the end of the neck).

Edit: Also, read the tutorial here if you haven't...excellent information.

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So if I wasn't positive on my neck angle, should I make it a degree bigger or smaller? I ask because if you go bigger, you can raise the bridge to compensate, but if you go lower, what then?

Also, how close do I need to be in my angle measurements. Because of inferior tolls and other complications, I may not be able to be exact, any tips? It's a set neck. THANKS in advance

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Make it exactly what it needs to be, no more, no less. Neck angles vary between zero and about 3.5 degrees, on average, and there's a big difference if you go plus or minus 1 degree. Too little angle is worse than a little much, because you'd need to sink the bridge into the top to get the action right, but just get it right.

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I found this online neck angle calculator that told me I need an 8 degree anlge on my neck, which I seriously doubt. It's not a prank, and math can't be wrong so I'm assuming that my inputs were wrong, so I'm curious of a few measurements from other guitars.

What is the height of a carve on a normal carved guitar, like a LP? Mine is around 3/4" I think, but could that be right (too much)?

What is the distance from the top of the carve to the furthest point on the bridge for a TOM on a LP?

I seriously can't thank you enough, I'm cutting up the neck tomorrow. THANKS!

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woah there buddy!

you're cutting up the neck tomorrow?...but you still don't know what angle. This topic crops up every few months & the answer is always the same...


If it doesn't work on paper then it won't work in real life.

If you're set on building first & working out what's wrong after then use something cheap that burns well because you'll be glad of it when the weather turns cold.

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