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Spray Equipment

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My understanding is that the airless guns don't atomize the paint as finely, so you could have problems with uneven application and bad orange peel. Stick to a regular air-powered gun.

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I have done it, but with enamel laquer... old school auto paint. but those guns spray too thick. So be prepared for a lot of sanding.

IIRC you can buy a fine spraying system...but you would need to very careful about what you sprayed in an electric device.

Read the data on Flash Point different for every substance - the temp at which an explosive mixture forms in air.

I reckon waterbased lacquers etc like Colortone from StewMac or KTM-9 from LMII should go well if the fine spray system does the job in the other respects mentioned.

I would NOT spray Nitrocellulose or ethanol based lacquers in an electric device.

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