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Dewalt Planer


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hello folks.....just picked up a dewalt 13" planer. been wanting this for my small shop for some time now. has anyone tried one of these on a guitar body? I have a few extra bodies I started and never finished. I obtained some 1/4" bookmatched tops that I'd like to use. The bodies I have are already shaped with a neck pocket....1-3/4" thick. I'd like to send these through the planer

taking 1/32 passes.Take em down to 1-1/2 and do some lam tops. I'm just a bit skeptical with the neck pocket and obviously a odd shaped piece of wood going through the planer . :D Let me know your thoughts.... :D

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I've put odd-shaped stuff through my planer before with no more trouble than rectangular pieces.

There's probably more chance for snipe, the more leading and trailing edges you have, but if your blades are sharp, the wood's not something super-figured like flamed maple, and you take shallow passes, you should be fine.

If you have super thin neck pocket edges, that might cause an issue.

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