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Holly As Neck Laminate

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I did the obligatory search but couldn’t find much.

I am contemplating using veneers made out of holly like this:


between neck laminates as accents. I am not familiar with holly and don’t really know much about them. I only know that Southpa have tried to make a holly neck but I never found any results. Anyone knows how holly would stand up to the stress when used in thin laminates (0.3 or 0.6mm) between maple, walnut or similar? If that isn’t really suitable, what about this (fiber veneers):


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Thanks for the info guys

LMII sells veneers that is 0.3 or 0.6 mm thick and 6" x 8" so size shouildn't be a problem. That blank is looking really good Jon. I had something similar in mind but I was thinking multiple layers/colours. Have you got that holly from LMII?

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It is holly. I asked them and they confirmed. they also said "It might be alright" when I asked if it was OK for use in between laminations of hardwood. So no real definite go from them.

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