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Through Neck Guitar

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you basically have to get a single piece of wood (or a laminate) of the lenght of the full guitar and the full thickness of the body, or one atleast half the thickness of the body and the length of the body aswell as the full lenght of the guitar then glue the extra piece below the body end of the centre piece.

then you glue on the body wings.

this is a very simplified version of the process. the complications come in when considering what can and cant be done once the body wings have been glued. for example, it would be hard to make a truss rod slot after the wings have been glued, as you wouldnt be able to use the straight edge on the side of the neck, as the body wings would get in the way. you also need to consider the neck angle and fretboard height before you even think about gluing the neck on. you would also want to have the truss rod radiused and slotted and inlayed before you glue it on.

id suggest writing out the steps on paper that you would do, and then going over them to see if any of the steps complicate other steps.

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I'm starting to get into guitar building soon. I took suggestions from some of the members here and bought 2 books on building guitars.

"Make Your Own Electric Guitar" by Hiscock

"Build Your Own Electric Guitar" by Oakham.

Hiscock covered neckthrough design in his 3rd guitar building example. Oakham also covered a little on that also.

If you're looking for free info, I've already seen several tutorials on building neckthrough guitars on the internet. Sorry, I don't have a link, but you should be able to google it.

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Neal Moser of BC. Rich fame has a message board called the Shredder. On that board, they have a brother hood of wood section and he has a thread that goes over his method of building a neck through guitar. I'd post a link but I'm sure it would be erased quickly so just search for Neal Moser and shredder and you'll find the place.

If I over stepped my bounds, sorry.

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Why would it get erased??? we are pro everything that is for guitar building. This ain't the MIMF just in case you forget... :D I have heard that anything that they don't like gets deleted, here, as far as me, only pics get edited to links, and that have caused havoc on some members. There have been a big number of links here to Moser Shredder forum in the past.

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