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Solid Body Resonator?

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I'm still digging for an idea for my next project. My dad really wants a dobro, but he's too cheap to spring for one, so I was thinking I could build a resonator guitar. Of course, it'd be a little too ambitious to try to do a fully acohustic guitar as my second build, with the little skills I have, so I was wondering if anyone's ever seen a solid body guitar with a resonator cone. Maybe with a magnetic and a peizo pickup?


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Hrm. People have put resonator cones into all kinds of shapes. I Googled around a bit and found a "Do-Bro-Q" on the MIMF forum, which was a neck and other relevant parts installed into one of those round charcoal barbecues. :D

Jay Turser, of all companies, makes a solidbody Resonator. Found one on eBay here


But I'm sure there must be a more permanent link out there in the internet somewhere. If someone takes the time to find it, posting to this thread might be helpful for future readers.

[edit: here we go --> http://www.jayturser.com/jt-res.php ]

I'm not 100% convinced that you're going to get much of a resonator sound translating into the mag and piezo pickups, but since I've never tried it I don't actually know. That's just my scepticism showing. :D


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I have buildt a semi solid resonator:


I did it clam shell style, laminating two pieces of cherry kitchen table top board (true) toghether for the body. I hollowed out some of it to make the sound more resonant and "bigger" but the sound is no were close to a full size resonator. A really fun project thou and a nice bluesy raw sound, both from the contact pickup and the Dan-O lipstick.

Feel free to ask any questions about this build and I will try to answer them.

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