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Any Other Fret Cauls Besides Stew Mac?

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I know of a guy who will make you a custom fret pressing caul (CNC), but it would be more expensive than the StewMac ones. They are really not all that expensive, and you could get yourself an arbor press for maybe $35 or just juse a drill press. I fret all my necks with these, never had a problem.

....as long as I stay on the fret....don't ask me how I know.... :D

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Do you need to make the caul itself or the tool holder that the caul clamps into. The cauls themselves are cheap, it is the holder that is more expensive. If it is the holder you need, look through the tools section or the tools tutorials. There was a thread in there on how to make the holder from aluminum bar that you can buy at home depot.

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