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What to do Now?

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I took a little drive today and ended up at the hardwood store.........

Ok I didn't spend TOO much money but I did end up with enough to make six more guitars! Enough nice straight maple for 4 and I had to try the poplar. I can't remember offhand if it was Fender or not, but someone used poplar in their basses in the 50's, 60' and 70's. Supposed to be fairly light and have great tone for a bass. I guess I'll have to find out now!

Don't I have two unfinished basses and a truss rod replacement waiting to get done already?!


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Well, I found something to do with the wood. I read up on poplar and found almost every company is using it for guitars. :D

Project one has begun! I dug out the strat templates and 60 minutes later (saw, saw, sand, sand, plane, plane, sand, sand.....glue, glue, clamp, clamp, clamp, clamp) I have a poplar strat in the clamps.

Tomorrow I'll pull the clamps and begin shaping......

I love this stuff!

Too bad I play bass.......... B)

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I found out that the BC Rich Bich basses are made of poplar. Jackson, Ibanez, Fender, MM and just about everyone uses it on one guitar or bass.

Hey canuck, how's a carved top strat sound. Just a strange idea I had when gluing up the body today (fumes maybe!). I saw a link on here somewhere where a guy was doing a Ric copy with a body he had. He put the German carve in the top, etc. That was one beautiful project! Gave me some great ideas that got me motivated to do a guitar. we'll see what happens. I'm sure it will be for sale when I'm done with it. I'm thinking about just doing the body and letting the buyer finish it with the neck and hardware of his choice. I have all the strat templates for body, pu's neck pocket, neck, etc so I could even rout it and save someone a bunch of time. We'll see, you know how these projects get out of hand! :D

PS: How do I put a pic right in my posting? I would rather do that than have to put a link in here. Us older guys need a little computer education B) Funny, because I program PLC's for a living but that is pretty straight forward compared to this.

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This is pinned in the off topics section but thought I would post it here so you know about it. :D

QUOTE (smokeyjocustoms @ Oct 19 2003, 01:38 AM)

Here Brian, I set up a Free Picture Hosting service for ProjectGuitar members. Just click the link and bookmark.


Anyone can build a whole site if you like.

Just sign up for an account, it's free.

But, please, if you build a whole website. Please dont use any dirty pics ( nudity ) I have 3500 customers I service with my two servers and FCC frowns on crap like that.

I'm providing this service free only to Projectguitar.com members..

Enjoy everyone

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