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Neck Shim

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I know that the common answer is to use a hard wood shim (i presume mahogany or maple)

but I don't have a source for this (any ideas in the UK would be appreciated)

I was wondering if I could get brass sheet, and build it to the correct height.

At the moment i have a 0.7 mil pic between the neck and the body!!!

the height is fine, but I don't consider this a long term plan. . .

It is a Mex tele (Alder?) with an aftermarket Maple neck (rosewood fretboard)

Any advice would be great.


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I've heard that metal shims help the guitar have more sustain, because more string energy is bounced back to the neck, rather than being absorbed by the wood surface of the neck pocket (at least on the bottom of the pocket).

I've even heard of steel shims being used. Only problem I would have with metal, is making the shim go to a zero taper at the end, which is how I prefer to make wood ones.

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