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Locking Nut


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I have owned an Ibanez since the 80's and have never had a problem with the neck. I have read in another forum that some people are trying to find other ways to install their Floyd locking nuts (other than the bolt-though method). Has anyone here ever had a problem with the neck cracking due to the bolts going through? I'm just wondering if this is a case of someone trying to invent a better mouse trap or if this is really a problem and I just have never heard of it before.

If you have had problems, or have heard of others having problems - what causes the failure? Is it from dropping the instrument or slamming it through an amp? What the hell are these people doing to make the neck crack?

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The cracks are most likely from the nut being tightened to hard.

And the cracks are along the grain...

It could also just be natural cracking, appearing with the grain in an open and vulnerable area (the drilled holes...).

Any way around this?

I don't know what Hamer does nowadays (if they ever build FR style guitars...), but I used to have a couple of Hamers and they had the nut attached from the front of the neck. Remove the locking pads, and you would find the screws going in to the neck.

Of course, they're still going in to the neck, but at least they weren't drilled all the way through...

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I have my old '83 that got a locking nut ca. 1985. No cracking at all.

I've also always taken care of that guitar by not exposing it to temperature extreemes, not dropping it on the floor or attacking amps and stuff.

I would think that a crack near the headstock would be from abuse.

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:D @ daveq.......

It is mostly due to tightening too hard on the mounting screws as RAI6 has said. The same goes for the cracks that you find on the edge of the headstock to the tuner holes because some people just tighten those WAAAAAAAYY too tight. There is no need for that. Just snug them up.


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Sorry for the all caps, I post while im at work and all my data entry has to be in all caps! I forget to unlock the caps lock. :D ANYWAY! I think everyone is right as to how it happens, but more importantly is how to keep it from happening. Ive been told the best way to keep it from cracking is to drop a drop of lemon oil in the holes. Do it when you change your strings just to form the habit ( not that changing your strings has any other thing to do with it)

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