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De-yellowing The Finish


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I have an wood-bodied '88 Steinberger that used to have a white finish & a white pickguard. It has yellowed into a rather ugly and inconsistent yellowish cream color. Likewise, but more uniform, the once white pickguard is a dirty cream. Without an expensive repaint or custom pickguard replacement, is there any inexpensive way to whiten the paint and plastic?

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well thats the ageing process people are paying so much to fake in these days.

You might have some luck with an car colour restorer like T-cut. Thats just basically buffing compund that will slightly remove the outer layer of paint. Its worth trying but i doubt it will make much difference. I did a 90-s LP studio last year and managed to take it back a shade or two - but i think that was mainly because i got rid of all the dirt :D

Really if you want it pure white it would have to be resprayed

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Post a pic of it if you can, let's have a look at it. :D

I'll try and post one tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm currently in the middle of re-wiring the thing and replacing the pickups. I never did like the EMGs that were in it, so I'm replacing them with a strat set. I figure to put the EMGs on eBay in a week or two.

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Heck, that pickguard takes up a good 80% of the real estate there.

You could most likely just lightly scuff sand that puppy, wipe it down with Naptha, and spray some ReRanch white lacquer right over top of the existing finish and buff it out standard lacquer style.

I had a bass much like that from the '80's, I stripped it completely clean, it wound up being a solid 2-piece Maple body, which is pretty easy to refinish as woods go...

As refins go, it should actually be pretty easy job with what you have to work with there.

Mine had an aluminum cored neck with wood side panels, looked like some Travis Bean creation.

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