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Finish Questions

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I have been working on a super-strat build for what seems like an eternity but it is finally time to paint!

Here are my questions:

1) What should be the order of sand paper grits I should use after each coat of paint for the body??? Should I be using water as a lubricant for the sand paper or something else???

2) My neck is maple w/ a rosewood fingerboard. What is an easy way to finish it??? I keep hearing about tru-oil. How is that applied? Is it durable? Do I have to re finish it with tru-oil on a regular basis. Are the cans of Nitro from Stew Mac any good? If I used nitro, what are the order of sand paper grits I shoud use? I am looking for a durable and relatively maintenance free finish. Also, do I need to tape off the fret board when I finish the neck? I am open to any suggestions!

Thans for you help... and when I finish the build I promise to post some pics!

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1) The type of finish you plan to use will largely decide your finishing process. Whenever you get to wet sanding, you can use water, but many prefer mineral spirits (or mineral oil, if you're in the final sanding stages and you're not laying anymore paint down), as it won't crack the finish if it gets into any holes. Assuming you're going with nitro, here is a good place to start:


Read the tutorial and check out the forum. A wealth of knowledge there, particularly when it comes to nitro and tru-oil.

2) Tru-oil is a great neck finish. It's really easy to apply, just rub it in with your fingers. It may not be quite as durable as nitro or poly, but it's pretty tough. It's simple to maintain as well. If it does eventually start to wear, clean it up and rub in however many coats makes ya happy. Good to go. It won't hurt to apply it to the fretboard, but you can tape it off if you would prefer not to. It will darken the rosewood, an effect that I personally like. Here is a tru-oil tut:



(P.S. On a nitro finish, I would recommend letting the finish cure for at least 30 days before wet sanding and polishing)

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I never wet sand anymore.I use micromesh.dry.although you can use it wet.

Micromesh comes in a box with the grits already in order.Takes no time at all to run through them in order,and no leftover grit to scratch when you change to a smaller grit.

Tape off the fretboard.I despise Tru oil.It doesn't hold up under my abuse.

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