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Floyd Rose Scale Length

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I apologize if this has come up before but I couldn't find it searching. I am planning on building my own guitar from scratch and this little problem is bugging the hell out of me. The guitar body is going to be an rg/s470 type of thing with whatever floyd rose I can find for the least ammount of money on ebay. The neck is going to be a wizard neck. Now for the 25.5" scale length I measure from the edge of the locking nut facing the bridge to the bridge. Now this is my question. Would I want all of the saddles in the position closest to the nut or farthest away? Also do I measure from the point the string rests on?

On a side note, what is the length from the point of the nut facing the bridge on a wizard neck to the end of the neck? I have a cad drawing and just kind of added a little to get a length of 493.912mm.



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This same question came up before for placing a hard tail. There's not really a straight answer, but there are some rules of thumb that apply.

In short, when you intonnate the guitar you are most likely to move the saddles away from the nut. So you want to maximize that when you place the bridge. Move the saddles closer to the nut.

And yes, you want to measure from the "break point" where the string touches the bridge saddle. The distance from there to the nut should be 25.5".

About your side note. I'm not sure about the end of the neck. The distance from the nut to the 12th fret will be half of 25 1/2", or 12 3/4". The distance from the 12th fret to the 24th fret will be half of 12 3/4", or 6 3/8".

Hope that helps.

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actually, i have a floyd rose installation manual that states that the scale mark is suppose to be a certain distance behind the trem posts... i'm trying to find it here somewhere.

*if i were an installation manual where would i be... *

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found a blue print with it marked on the drawing... i'm measureing the scale mark to be 5/16" (8.2mm) behind the center of the trem posts. someone want to confirm that? cause it seems wrong... or it might be for a 25" scale..

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