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Ibanez Destroyer


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A birthday present coming up, After looking around for a while an 82 Ibanez destroyer came up on ebay at a good price of $450 landed in Australia from USA.

It was a bit beat up which I understood before I bought it and it was a metal flake red. A black guitar was wanted however so this one will be refinished.

The main issue with the guitar is that the neck pocket is way too big so that will be addressed with some shims o the bass side and an insert on the bottom of the neck to give lateral support. A brass nut will be added to brighten up the guitar a bit but the stock humbuckers will be used to keep the cost down. They sounded pretty good anyway. Stock bridge will be used but I bought some black pup rings and switches and knobs to keep with the black image.


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Project finished ( no pun intended) Every thing went well I tighened up the neck joint by shiming the bass side cavity wall and as an experiment I added a bit of wood to the bottom of the neck a routed a slot on the pocket base. This give a firm interferance fit and adds significant lateral stability to what is a bad neck join design. Without screws I can lift the guitar up by the neck and almost get the body off the bench top. A few other things ,The nut is brass and the controls go from front to back, bridge Vol, neck Vol, interupter switch, no tone controls.

The colour is Mat Black , it looks a bit brown in the photo's.

One thing I noticed is that the standard Ibanez pickups are 10Kohm for the neck and 8Kohm for the bridge. I thought this a bit weird but as the base plates for these pickups have asymetrical legs you can't put them in any other way so they are not in the wrong places.


Body close up

Neck socket mod

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yeah its a momentary open "kill switch. We have had some time now to play the guitar and its great. The switch works realy well. In fact I am thinking of swaping the pickup selector position with it. Idealy it should be located on the lower horn with the pup sw but thats a pretty big mod that I don't want to do as its a pretty permament thing. Now if it had a sustainer fitted that would be the ducks guts as we say around here. :D

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You got a bargain, an Ibanez Destroyer is one of the best guitars you can get, just listen to Ed's You Really Got Me, although that was an earlier model than yours. I'll see if I can find a sound bite from my old Destroyer II to let you hear what it sounds like with the stock bridge pup swapped out for a DiMarzio Super Distortion. You should be able to get the action down really close on that arrow straight neck and the feel of a Destoyer slung low over your shoulder makes you feel on top of the world. Rock and Roll.


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