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Sg Beveling

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So I was asking about making the bevels on the side of an SG a while back, and someone said that I should make a line an inch in, and a line an inch down, and connect the lines using spokeshaves or the like. My only question is this:

Since the SG side is curved, and the bevel is not straght but curved, is there any easy way to make the mark curve and stay consistently 1 inch in? Is there any easier way to make that bevel?

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I've used my Delta orbital spindle sander to do bevels before. I've used my orbital palm sander as well. I've even used the 6” disc sander that's on the side of my table top belt sander before.

A good flat file and a half round file will go along way because it isn't as aggressive as power tools but I get bored when I have a file in my hand for too long.

Just go with your gut. It get’s easier as you go.

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Uh, I don't understand the question.

Yeah sorry, I'm having a hard time wording it. Does anybody have a template of the pattern of the bevel on an SG?

i would use a big chamfer bit; and i would have a block from the table up to stop where you dont want the cut off;

as far as a pattern for this; go look at an sg and get the basic idea and create; if you want an exact duplicate, go buy one

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Probably the easiest way to make a template in this situation is to use masking tape. Get a roll of 1" wide masking tape and tape it along the edge. You now have a line that is consistently 1" inside of the edge.

Something I don't get here: The width of the bevel on the SG is NOT constant in any of the two dimensions... I would resort to the cardboard template from the full size plans to mark on the body, and definitely use a manual method for the carving. Like rasps, scrapers, and the like.

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Good point Blackdog. I do not look at SG's very often, because I pretty much hate their shape, so I was not very familiar with the bevels. I was basing my opinion on one of the previous posts about marking 1" in the X and Y from the edge.

That's what someone earlier had told me, I suppose that isn't true. When I look at the shape I can see that. Thanks, someone earlier had a point that it doesn't need to be exact, it's mine.

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