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Inlay Work

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I have done a few inlays before but i have never done one that travels up the neck. I was wondering if when you route out the cavity for the inlay if you route all the way to the fret lines or if you leave a little space between where the frets will be and the inlay. what i mean is, does the inlay get routed through the fret slots or just up to them. any help would be appreciated. thanks

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thanks! i usually use a pre-slotted fret board. So when i do the inlay do i let the material overlap into the inlay for a tight fit and then cut it out with a fret saw or do i try to just get it close and then use filler. what if the inlay i want to do is kinda wide at one point and there is a possibility that the inlay would take most of the fret slot? thanks for the great reply.

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Another vote for reopening the inlay slots after the inlay work is done. If your inlay replaces most of the fretboard at some point, be sure to use a fret press to insert the frets and not a hammer. If you hammer the fret down you could crack the inlay.

If you are using really thick or soft material this could become a problem with the fret being unstable. Stuff like .06" mother of pearl is fine because the fret actually extends below the inlay material and does come in contact with the wood. If you are using .15" pearloid, this would be a problem because the tang of the fret would only be in the pearloid. In that case I would suggest trying to leave a little wood on the edges.

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I´m not an expert but I like to leave a little of spece between the MOP piece and the fretslot.

I have to use a press in order to install the frets, but I don´t know when the guitar will need a re-fret job and the worts who will make it.

If you leave the MOP pieces right to the fretslots whne the guy take out the frets could damage or take out the piece of MOP.

It is more dificult to make it in this way but I feel more confidence.

This is a bad picture of a inlay that I´m working right now:



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