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Wood Influence


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everything alters the sound to some degree because the guitar is one whole vibrating mass - the pickups catch the vibration of the string that is influuenced by everything else.... so it all makes a difference. controlling those differences is the hard part

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+1 to what WezV said.

I was reading a reply from Rick Turner on this subject over at the OLF, and thought his analogy was very interesting. A pickup and amplifier act to see and magnify what the strings do. Small changes make a greater difference because they are magnified. The analogy seemed to make sense to me. If you are maginfying something(significantly) your picture will only be as accurate as the lenses you are using, which will be a huge factor in what you see. Of course what you are magnifying is the strings. The way the strings move are directly effected by the player, the strings themselves, and how/what they are anchored to.

An acoustics string energy is magnified also, but with a "much lower zoom factor" so to say. With the magnification produced by the box.


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