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Refinishing Ibanez 7 String


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Hi everyone,

I've been reading lots on refinishing and have been wanting to refinish my Ibanez 7620 Basswood body.So far its stripped.I can't find much on using a filler on basswood so im not sure if i should skip that and go straight to the sand and sealer process.Also if i need grain filler where can i get it?Does Home Depot carry it?.I'm trying to make this job somewhat easy on myself as i do not have a spray gun, so i was wondering if i could use rattlecans for primer and a base coat and what kind.Also after the basecoat i want to experiment with a swirl paint finish.Then to clear it im not really sure what to use, any suggestions?Here's my list of stuff i need so far.Let me know if im missing anything.Any suggestions and tips will be very much appreciated and i will be sure to post pics of my first project.

1.Oil-based grain-filler Natural color.

2.Mineral Spirits

3.Sealer Parks Corp. Nitrocellulose

4.Rattlecan Primer and color coat

5.Still researching humbrol and borax for swirl paint.I have the water tub.

6.Rattlecan Clearcoat.

7. And finally lots of sandpaper.

Heres some pics so far:





And Knotted lol


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As an avid hater of Basswood, I am tempted to suggest using the existing body as a template for making one out of decent knotless wood :-D Or at least, make a second body so if you fubar the swirl you have a backup plan (plus practice under your belt).

None of this will substitute practicing on scrap of course. Grab some scrappy hardwood from somewhere, sand/seal/prime etc. it as though you were finishing a real guitar and see where the materials and tools you have will take you. Remember to seal your bodies so the water doesn't get into screwholes, jackholes and other difficult to seal areas! Looks like a good project to work with however.

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It's funny that you mention that because i will be selling the the guitar when i'm done.After i copy the body using Alder of course.I don't have much experience with woods and sounds but i found alder to suit my needs quite well.I may try using something different when i get more experience making bodies.I have a router for cavities and stuff but i need some proper bits and templates first before i copy this thing.

Trust me i will be testing lots and lots with the paint as well as everything else.That is one of the most important things i learned on this site.Thanks for the info.


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