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inlay idea


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I was sitting in my english class today with a pad of graph paper, and i ended up designing this. I'm thinking it would make for a great fretboard, with those bullet inlays i was asking about.

go here to check it out:


it's under the fretboards section

please give me your feedback, i'm quite curious to see what you guys think

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I just finished my first inlay and I happened to pick a fairly difficult pattern also (not as much material as those patterns, though). What material would you be using - MOP? I think you should be able to do it but it will take a very long time. Buy a ton of jewelers saw blades and a ton of inlay material (expect a bunch of scrap).

It can be a very rewarding experience doing something like that. I think it is worth trying if you are OK with wearing a respirator for many hours (if using shell for inlay). I found that it gave me a bit of a headache. Don't take shortcuts on this, please make sure you wear one and don't expect a simple dust mask to do the job.

Oh, if that's your note about doing all of this on a maple fretboard - I think that is best saved for after many years of inlay experience. I did a good job with mine and still had to fill in several areas (in ebony). If mine was done on maple, it would not have looked very good and I would probably still be at it. Ebony really saves the day when little fills are needed - they are very, very difficult to notice (if at all).

Good luck!

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