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Tone Controls Not Working Properly

IPA or death

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I wired up my 2 HB guitar according to the diagram at Seymour Duncan's website, and put .047 caps on the tone controls like it suggests. But they aren't taking any highs off when rolled back, and when rolled completely back they cut the volume out.

My question is whether the fact that they are 630 volt caps makes a difference, or if there is something else I'm not doing right?

Thanks for any help and insight you can give.

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I'm not sure about the voltage being a factor, though I may be wrong. The third pole on the tone pots are not grounded, are they? If they are that would explain the volume loss. Just a thought.


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No, they're sitting out there all alone just like in SD's layout. I stopped into Radio Shack today to get some ceramic caps and they didn't have any. Poor selection. I'll have to mail order I guess, just to satisfy my curiosity about the voltage.

I don't really know what else to do. I guess I'll go over the whole wiring scheme again and see if I'm just overlooking something.

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Well, I went back over diagram and checked it against my guitar and here's what I found: I used a braided hookup wire to run the ground between my tone and volumes, and it was touching the copper shielding tape in the cavity. I pried the wire up off the bottom of the cavity and now it works great.

It sounds pretty darn nice too (SD JB and Jazz combo). Not real thrilled with my finish job on this guitar but it sounds so good, I can overlook that.

Thanks for your advice guys. :D

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