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I have one of the Microplanes. They are like Surforms, but the name (microplane) really is descriptive. The cutting faces and openings for them are quite small and the set of the cutters is small also. So they shave more than grate, like a Surform. The one I have is flat and wide, so I use it between rasps and sandind to adjust a neck profile slightly, but not take off too much.

It is not a tool I would say is indispensible, it mainly seems to offer a level of finese beyound Surforms.

The rotary (drum) one might make cleaner cuts on sides, but you're still gonna have to sand. I haven't had it long enough to know how long the edge will last, but it seems to be good steel.

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Looks like a cheese grater :D

Yeah! I have a lemon zester that looks just like it B)

I'm not surprised - Microplane make kitchen tools as well as wood working equipment. By all acounts the microplanes are pretty good, leave a much better finish than surforms, remove material very quickly, and are less dusty than just sanding. That is on wood - I've not been tempted to surform my cheese recently...


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