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Print An Acoustic Guitar?

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Imagine the market something like that could create if it really took off (or something similar, like the Birdfish, even).

Six strings, six sound chambers, varying sizes for each chamber, varying materials for each size, lather and repeat for each independant bridge and you have more customization options than a lv75 Dark Elf from World of Warcraft. Let's not forget the box you'll need to carry around your extra components in! : )

A neat concept!

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Fancy concept. Not sure if it would sound anything like acoustics we are used to. I wonder if the seperate systems or isolated is a good thing and why would that be? Would the smaller chambers limit the capacity to carry the lower frequencies many try to find? Certainly would be different (good or bad). I have no idea if you could create a market for it or not, but it would not be compeating or compairable to the sound of a flatop as we know them.

The Birdfish (if my memory serves), was clever and based on being able to sound like guitars with a broad market acceptance, as well as having its own unique sound. All wrapped up in a cool package. Those kind of products are generally well recieved by the market if they pull it off well. Kinda like when the Line 6 POD first came out. I remember thinking how cool when I first test drove one (actually bought one right there).

Those 3D printers can sure make cool looking plastic models :D .


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