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  1. You could get one of those highly metallic looking spray paints that give you a reflective finish (like a gold chrome) on top of PVC or something?
  2. Is it just me, or does that trem cavity seem like it goes reeeally far back away from the end of the locking allen screws?
  3. What exactly is wrong..? I know you said it was too thin, but, what part is too thin? If it's too short across, couldn't you just change your string spacing at the nut?
  4. If you've ever seen the inside of a grand piano, you may notice that the 'non voiced' portion of the strings are all interwoven with ribbon (over and under, back and forth), something that not only deadens their sound, but also (with nice ribbon) could make the appearance more attractive. Of course, this might be harder to do (especially to do nicely, if you constantly change strings) if you have individual string trees or such similar devices.
  5. Sorry bout that- I immediately realized I forgot to include a simple 'no' option after I posted the poll.
  6. I have two different guitars with replacement whammy bars, and both have the same problem: The threading/diameter of the trem arm is just a bit too small, it seems, so that touching/using/moving it causes some unpleasant vibrations (and thus noise) in the bridge. Has anyone found a reliable solution to this problem? I was considering using teflon plumber's tape to wrap the threaded end of the arm with. This would have the advantage of tightening up the fit as well, which would be beneficial as the arm doesn't screw in far enough to fit stiffly (the brass nut in the underside doesn't screw u
  7. EMGs would look nice and clean, but I think exposed humbuckers would fit the look better. Reminds me of some of the real tough, machined looking rims with all the rivets/screws around the tire bead.
  8. I play in my living room, but not because of any special sound quality. I'll have to answer no, but I certainly am aware of certain places (like the showroom, or an old performance theater) that have a pleasant ambiance to them. The concrete halls/walls at school are much less pleasant.
  9. Hahaha, YES YES! I am not the only one!
  10. I hope it's better than the one I had. I hope it's better than the one he had.
  11. Oh sure, but when Jimi burns a guitar it's a part of rock history... ;o
  12. It seems logical, to me, that if you cut the fret slots, then stain the board, then taper it, you'll get the least amount of bleeding problems. You could always cover edge bleed-through with some binding work.
  13. Ahh... Gotcha. You mean the Toto Neorest. http://www.totoneorest.com/home.html HOLY POOPERS!!! That is just icing on the cake. Easily the funniest thing I've seen in a while, considering the tangent this thread is on. The dude in the next cube needed an explanation on why I burst into lysterical laughter. Thanks, Trynity. That made my day. Perhaps you meant a bidet ('be-day') ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bidet
  14. I saw the original video this post refers to by doing a backtrace of 'RE''s from this video that I originally found.
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