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Neck Question

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According to Mighty Mite their necks come out of the same factory in Korea as Warmoth's low end necks ($150 and below), and I have never paid over $70 for a MM neck.

Until I read this I was under the assumption that ALL Warmoth necks were US made. I read this on MM's site and previously posted the link. You can go to MM's site and read it in the forum if you want more info.

I have only used the bass necks from MM (both the jazz and P bass) in maple/maple and maple/rosewood. My opinion is they are very good quality for the price you pay. I'm not a big fan of rosewood but I can say that the rosewood on the MM necks I have used has been a much harder and denser rosewood than what I have seen on some "quality" factory guitars. Or I may just be lucky and get the good ones :D

I would not hesitate to buy another one..........

My 2 cents

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