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Pickup Confusion?


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I am new to this site and have a question for all you guitar techs..

I just bought a Kramer, probally a korean version, and the 3 single coils that are on it each have 2 paralell magnets

on the bottom edge of the bobbin, each with 2 cond. wire. Are they any good ? They sound grungy which is nice but was wondering if anybody has seen these before. I want to replace the bridge PU with a PAF humbucker so I can get a EVH sound from the guitar. It's a Dad & son project for my 13 yr old so any advice or comments :D will be helpful.


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The DiMarzio SDS-1 released in in 1974 (and still avalible) have that magnet configuration: http://www.guitar.com.au/pickups/dimarzio/strat/sds_1.htm

There are a range of hybrid pickups of this type. Mostly named T-90 and S-90 pickups meant to produce something in between the classic Tele (T-90) and Strat (S-90) pickups. I wind T-90s and S-90s om a regular basis.

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