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Besides Home Shops Where?


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well. im in the process of borrowing a table saw, planer, mider saw, stationary router, and other misc tools.

but heres the thing, im 17 years old and i used to do all my work at the school i go to, but i recently got kicked out becuase they found out i never took the class :-p, (nor can i, i have 5 months of school left)

so i have no access to a band saw. it would take me a while (2 months) to save up for the

Jet 18" 1hp bandsaw that i am intrested in

what is everyones opinion on what i could do

any suggestions? :D

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Hey Kenny, Its great that you're building guitars, I wish I had started earlier. I've spent about $1500 outfitting my shop but I still cannot do resawing effeciently, The bandsaw I want will cost a grand but there isnt enough need for it right now. If you plan on building guitars, buy the tools as you need them. Borrowing can bite you and the other guy in the ass when you burn out his planer or other power tool. A basic router can cut your truss rod channel, plane surfaces level, follow a template, make pick up cavities, shoot the edges of a book matched top, etc. I think a basic $69 Router, $59 Jigsaw, table saw $179, a drill $49 or drillpress $189, chisels and scrapers will get you very far. Probably what that bandsaw would've cost.

Consider the advice here, the people on the forum are a great bunch of guys in my opinion and many have been at this longer than me (2 yrs). -Vinny

And that 'donuts for hardwoods thread'?, that fella's really something else !! :D

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Find a friend at your local wood craft! The manager hooked me up with a buddy to resaw some birdseye maple a while back. He actually did it for free as a favor to the manager. I've since upgraded to a bandsaw that can resaw.

Sometimes I troll around the woodcraft store just to meet people. I've become friends with a few that have really impressive wood shops and you'd be surprised at how much you can learn too.

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In that case, find yourself a local cabinet maker and befriend him. There's a thread somewhere about how many doughnuts and biscuits you should take :D

Look around the shop looking for pics of other things that you can relate to like motorcycles, cars, bands, famous hot chicks and talk about them...

and beer, lotsa beer. Half rack on a Friday late afternoon should get you full use of the shop, hehe.

Even though I don't drink this has worked for me.

Bring Tommy from USACG a few beers for him and the crew and he just may invite ya in on a Saturday to help ya with your project. :D

Damn, I just noticed your not quite old enough.

Don't mind me. Been a long workday, lol B)

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