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Guitar Designing Software:

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I tried a few searches for this but was unsuccessful. For those of you too cheap or new to guitar building to buy something like AutoCAD, what is a good alternative for creating guitar blueprints? I think it would be great to design my own guitar, granted borrowing from pre-existing styles but still tweaking a few things. I am not an artist so do not want to make free-hand designs as that is a recipe for disaster. At the same time I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on software if I can avoid it. Any good shareware or basic/generic software that will at least get me the rough shapes so I can make some templates and whatnot?

If there is already a thread talking all about this, or some good keywords to use in finding this, please feel free to just give me that instead of rehashing what has already been said.


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I had the same problem initially, but then realized that if all I wanted to do was "tweak" existing designs then the only thing I would need is an outline or technical drawing of the original (readily available) and a simple drawing program like MS Paint. For me, this was more than sufficient to come up with an original take on our cherished classics, although it sounds like I may be more artistically inclined than you. However, the ability to cut, paste, drag, draw re-curves, etc. should help anyone trying to tweak something for their own usage. FWIW, I have photoshop, but opted for MS Paint, because I was only making a simple, centered outline so I could print it out at full-scale and transfer it to MDF for templates.

-Good luck on your search and I hope to see some cool designs.

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