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Two Volumes And No Tone On A 2 Humbucker Guitar?


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hi there guys... im a long time stalker here, just drolling at all the great instruments you guys build :D

but right now im with some simple question. I have a ibanez guitar, and i will remove the middle pickup, leaving me with only the two humbuckers. But, after seeing some wiring schematics on the web, i got two questions:

1 - i just have a 5 way switch, but right now i would just use it like a 3 way switch (bridge-both-neck). its possible (just for the moment) to wire the 5 way working this way? maybe something like position 1-bridge 2,3,4 - both (just linking the positions), and position 5-neck? since i can solder pretty nice, i would like to give this setup a test before purchasing new pieces (in Brazil its a pain to find those small guitar pieces :D )

2 - if i use this schematic here (http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/Electronics/Wiring_diagrams/i-0032.html), and just remove the tone control part, will it work? I believe it will, but since i cant find my book on guitar electronics, im a bit lost here B)

sorry if those questions sound stupid, and for my horrible english :D .. and thanks in advance. hope to post some of my guitar mods here soon.

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aidlook: as Thoughtless 7 said, i just have a diferent taste. i never use the tone control, and think this way i could get some cool tones with the seymour pups i have. By the way, its just a jazz bass scheme without a tone.

borge: now THATS a cool idea.. i always liked buckthead killswitch stuff. I will probably do your mod. Thanks

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I'm just gonna have to ask....what's the point of this mod?

Technically you could say the exact same thing about ANY guitar mod. Maybe he just has a different taste to you? *shock*

Well yes...and there'd be an obvious point in most mods whereas here it seems you're only taking stuff away from the guitar, leaving empty holes and not adding anything really..

Anyway I think it'd be cool to just skip the switch completely and go for a blend pot and a killswitch.

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if adding things to guitars was the only thing worth doing we would all end up with guitars like THIS :D

as (IMO) 90% of people never use their tone control and it removes *some* signal/frequency even when on 10 you could say taking your

tone pot away actually adds something to your guitar.....a larger spectrum response :DB)

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