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Cherry For A Solid Body?

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Cherry is great for bodies, it's the right strength, density, weight etc... it finishes excellent. The biggest reason you don't see it used by major manufacturers is because it's expensive (probably costs 4-5 times what alder,basswood or ash cost), and can be hard to get in the right dimensions. Because the majors dont use it, it hasnt really caught on. I have some that I'm going to use for body wings in a neck thru superstrat I'm planning on building though I havent used it yet myself. I have talked to the local luthier about it, and he's used it a few times. He said tonally it varies, but it's always been good tone. He said it varies from "bright mahogany" to "sweet alder", but it always has great harmonic response, with character that is unique. If you have your hands on some cherry, I say go for it.

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