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Truss Rod Problems?

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me buddy bought a takamine in the summer-and nearing the winter he started getting massive fret buzz....i think it has sumthing to do with the weather change----we live in canada....how would i go about fixing this problem? the buzin starts on the high e string around the eighth fret and starts smoothing out near the 13-15th fret....we need some help!

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lots of acoustic players have a 'summer saddle' and a 'winter saddle' they exchange on their acoustic guitars, that suffer from enough action height change between seasons.

That doesn't mean the saddle is the only thing that might need to be changed. Neck relief can change too, and hopefully on an acoustic, you can at least adjust that with a wrench.

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Before adjusting anything, take a straightedge to the top of the frets and determine the status of the relief. Then it's a good idea to evaluate the frets for any high spots. There's a method that if followed will make this a logically progressing endeavor that will isolate the cause and point you in the right direction to fix it. Otherwise you are shooting in the dark and will possibly do more harm.

Check out Frets.com for a systematic method of eliminating buzzes.

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