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Where Ican find the "jem"decalc


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I've seen on the tutorial section (painting headstock) a white headstock of a Jem whith the to logos on it : "Ibanez" and the word "Jem", where I can find them ? I've ever seen the Ibanez logo for sale on Ebay but I can't find the JEM logo ! :D

I'm a real finish maniac with my Jem, and I start to be a little bit deceived by its poor finish quality, but an exchange will be to expensive for me, so i'll maybe try to re-finish the guitar.


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StonesCreed if Brian sees that link you have on your notepad he might ban you so I would change it

its supposed to be homestarrunner but its getting re-directed somehow. he didn't mean for it to be the porn-place that it is. anyway, i'd still change it stonescreed.

not getting redirected. check the spelling "...starrrunner..."!="...starrunner..."

sorry, tired, can't write

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