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Switch And Pot Prices Off The Wall? Or Not?

Trixie Cant Act

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Ok i see these on eBay all the time and am curious as to why a wired set of 3 pots and 5 way switch for fender vintage guitars are always listed for anywhere from $300 to a whopping $1295.00? Is it only the collectability of the items?

I mean I would think that electronic components would be better , quieter, less distortion and such these days than way back then. We're npot talking the difference betwween tubes and transistors.

Heres one going for $1295.00 starting bid as an example -


1963 FENDER STRATOCASTER SET OF POTS & 3 WAY SWITCH . POTS DATE 304 6324 AND ARE STAMPED 250k, NO CAP, THREE WIRES ARE ORIGINAL. pots are clean but still may need the insides spray cleaned.


This one even says they may be dirty inside!

While $1295 mat be a bit extreme I see them regularly listed for $300 - $600

So whats the deal with this... anyone?

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If you have a vintage instrument with some non-original parts, and want to restore it to originality (meaning the parts come from the same year as the neck & body), then some guys will pay whatever it takes. Most time the issue is not how much it costs, but whether you'll ever find the right parts at all...and once you do, you're never sure if you'll get another chance at 'em again. So you pay.

Mostly these guys are collectors who are looking to maximize the resale value of the instrument....but a lot of the potential buyers of such instruments are in the same category. They'll do things like refuse to purchase because they can see that the solder joints are non-original...for reasons like this, prices on vintage parts can get pretty crazy.

I've seen the thickish plastic "poker chip" toggle switch ring for a 50s Les Paul go for over $1000, no joke....because its destined for an instrument that could sell for over $500,000 with all-original period parts.

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