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Rubbing Compound

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I've just about finished wetsanding a neck that has been done in nitro. I was wondering if there is a cheaper rubbing compound than the 3M Perfect-It II Fine Cut. At first I thought maybe turtle wax, but i heard that it "ruins the clear coat". I did read LGM's tutorial but am still a little confused. Anyway I need a cheaper alternative to the 3M version if there is one.


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My wife and I do a lot of painting, wetsanding, and buffing of interior pieces in her car. We use 3M Swirl and Scratch Remover as a rubbing compound and it has always worked great for us. I recently painted my guitar for the first time and used it with no problems whatsoever, albeit on an acrylic lacquer clear coat.

You can pick it up at any auto parts store in the sandpaper section. I believe it's only $7.99 for a bottle.

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I've used the Turtle Wax rubbing compound followed by Turtle Wax polishing compound before, and didn't have any problems. I've never heard that it would do any harm to a clear coat, and it certainly hasn't in my experience.

(I do like Meguiars stuff better, however.)

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