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Anyone With A 2 Fret Jackson Or Esp/ltd

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if any of you do, could you tell me what the distance from the end of the neck pocket to the point of contact on the bridge is? i have a broken jackson neck with no fretboard, and i want to make a body that is compatable with any jackson 24fret necks. but in order to do that, i need to know how far from the end of the neck pocket to the bridge is. if you could just check that and let me know, that would be great. thanks for anyone that takes the time to do that.

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What scale length are you looking for? What dimension do you think would get you a more accurate reslut,

End of fretboard to bridge

End of neck to bridge

Length of fretboard overhang

I have a 24 fret Jackson neck on my #1 build, so I can check the length for you tomorrow morning, it is a 25.5" scale.

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i need a 25.5. thats all jackson makes besides the custom shop gibson scales. the best most accurate measurement would be from where the end of the neck, where its acutally in the pocket. so basicly if you took the neck out, from the neck pocket to the bridge. thanks if you get the chance. and let me know if you dont understand what i mean.

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Not sure I understand what you mean... I've got all kinds of Jackson's and not a single one of them has the same distance from the neck pocket to the bridge. King V and Rhoads neck pockets goes deeper than the neck pocket on a Soloist.

Why would need that measurement? Some Jackson necks have the fingerboard flush with the neck. And some have the fingerboard protruding from the neck. In that case, the neck pocket is smaller, and the distance from the bridge is longer... Jackson uses different type of neck pockets; some are square, some are rounded, some have short heel, others long heel. The fingerboard length after the last fret can be longer, or shorter by a few millimeters. Not a big deal, but that would make that measurement unusable.

Ever tried using a Jackson neck with a locking but, on a body that uses a Tune-o-Matic? It won't fit either. Because the distance from the nut to the bridge saddless (read scale lenght here) is different.

and i want to make a body that is compatable with any jackson 24fret necks

Like I just said, that would be impossible to do. Because some necks have slight differences that would make a good intonation and proper string-to-bridge alignment impossible. And what about the neck screws holes? Maybe they will line up, maybe not. And believe me, I tried it. All kinds of Frankenstein Jackson, and 99% of the time, you have to shim here and there, relocate the bridge, change the nut because it is too wide, or too slim.

Remember that big companies like Jackson makes thousands of guitars and necks per year. They often make small adjustments during the production. A 2007 japanese DK2 neck might not fit on a 2008 DK2 body...

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