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Reranch carries the translucent blue aerosol I have been looking for. However, when I click the "buy online" button it opens a window and asks for a name and password. When I enter it, it wont accept it and then kicks me off of their site. Anyone know how to get into their order page? or a phone number. This is very frustrating, I need this product and I cant find it anywhere else.

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Well, it's like this.... The owner Bill is a gigging musician and travels frequently so the store does NOT have "regular" hours. Unfortunately for us Nitro heads, we sometimes get locked out and can't get supplies until he returns. You will know when the store is closed when you are asked to log in to your Yahoo! account. This means you are beat of luck and will have to wait it out. When will the store reopen? Know one knows, but the Shadow knows.

Patience, grasshopper. Bill sells paint as a sideline, something to pay the bills when he's not gigging (which isn't often these days :D ). If you just have to have something yesterday, you probably shouldn't be finishing guitars--especially with nitro based products--since there's a bit of patience required there anyway. Find something else to do until the store reopens.

OR, you can buy powdered dyes or liquid dye concentrates and mix in water, alcohol, thinner, clear, whatever suits your purpose and make the product yourself. It's not hard. Look at woodcraft.com, rockler.com, stewmac.com, etc. in the US. There are always alternatives.



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The store's open now. Bill only takes in the number of orders he can fill and ship within a day or so, so get it while it's hot.

I know this is a little off topic, but I am interested in Bill's products. However, he does not offer a satin black or flat black. If I buy the Nitro gloss black and then use a matte clear will this give me a satin finish?

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