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Painting From Black To White.

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Hey, guys, I know there's tons of tuts out there, but I want to know if I can skip some steps, the only thing I wan to to is to paint my black strat white, pretty simple, am I right?.

I've read something about white paint turning yellow over time or from the clear coat, any advice on that?, I don't want a yellowish white.

Heres a pic of the guitar:



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Obviously, "What do I need to do to paint this guitar white," followed by "and is it true that it'll eventually turn yellowish?"

Personally, I'd leave it black. Black is more bad@$$. :D

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i personally hate gloss black paintjobs on guitars almost more than anything. but a gloss black STRAT just makes me want to throw an old lady into traffic. i hate them that much. but, still, what is your question? just scuff sand the body to 400 where there are no more shiny spots. then use grey or white primer, then spray with your white. ta da, white guitar.

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