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So I see this Spray max, which looks identical to ALSA Speed Clear in the Killer Cans. Does anyone have experience with this stuff?

Does anyone with experience with any of the 2k spray cans have any advice or info? It seems like a great way to do a quick one off without all of the gear.

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Use caution and take the necessary steps to protect yourself when using any paint. Even waterbase can be dangerous.

I realize that this is an older post but I thought I would share my recent experience with this product.

I just finished using one of my two cans of Spray Max 2k aerosol clear and it seems to work well. I sprayed one coat on a Basswood Strat style body, an Ash PRS style body, a Poplar Ibanez PR1660 style body (Randy Rhoads V) and a Carvin neck-through ESP/SG style guitar with Poplar wings. All of these were allowed to cure a minimum of 200 hours before applying the Spray Max 2k clear.

The Strat has Stew Mac waterbase yellow lacquer on it as a primer with Auto Air Colors metallic gold over that. It was then cleared with Stew Mac waterbase lacquer. I level sanded before applying the Spray Max 2k clear on it.

I didn't pore fill the PRS and it was sprayed with an unlikely paint. Behr Metallic waterbase interior paint. I tinted it with various TransTint dyes and added some water to thin it out and it sprayed well. Next time I use it I will spray the silver metallic thinned and then tint some clear coat to change the color. I used Stew Mac waterbase clear lacquer with some Silver PolyFlake mixed in to give it a little sparkle. Also, I sprayed a few coats without the flake to help build up the layers. I sprayed the Spray Max 2k clear on it but it still needs more to bury the flakes the rest of the way.

The Ibanez has some automotive 2k left on it as a primer from a previous paint job by a friend. I sprayed Stew Mac waterbase lacquer over that and I level sanded before applying the Spray Max 2k clear on it.

The Carvin neck-through kit was sprayed with Stew Mac waterbase gray as a primer and then white for the base coat. I then used my airbrush to dust on some Auto Air Colors Interference gold to give it a little pearl effect. I then used Stew Mac waterbase clear over that and I level sanded before applying the Spray Max 2k clear on it.

I have been waiting for a cooler, dryer and lower humidity day so I could use these Spray Max 2k aerosols and finally got my chance. I lucked out with little to no wind, bugs or debris while spraying outside. Also, for safety I wore gloves, a long sleeve shirt, eye protection and the all important respirator while spraying the 2k outside. All of the waterbase paint was sprayed in my basement with my knockdown filter/fan/booth. I also use eye protection and the respirator when downstairs using the booth and only use waterbase inside.

I hope to use the second can soon and apply some more coats on those guitar's. I have finished a couple of guitar's in the past and present with all waterbase and they have turned out fine but I just wanted a little more protection than they can offer. I will try to take some pictures to post of these guitar's and two others I am working on.

Good Luck,


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Never tried it but Dave Monig, the owner of Coast Airbrush, was recomending their products in his q&a column in Airbrush Action magazine for someone looking for an a rattle can solution for a guitar.

Coast does carry the primers and clears now. I would call them and ask if they have any hints or tips for using the stuff, they're pretty helpful and very knowledgeable peolple.

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Here are some of the pictures of the guitar's that I used the Spray Max 2k clear aerosol on.

In the future I will hopefully show more of these in the In Progress section.

This one needs more clear for sure.


This one is nearly done. Sorry for the blurry picture.


This one is really close to being done.


This was the last to be sprayed before the first can ran out so it needs more clear also.


I thought that I would throw this one in even though it's Stew Mac waterbase only.


With luck I will be able to use the second can before the weekend.


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