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Gluing Frets

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Depends on what you're gluing the frets for, and how. I sometimes add a dab of titebond or hot hide to frets before fretting, fills the gap, lubricates the fret seating, and locks it in, without making fret removal difficult (doesn't stick to the metal). Superglue for fret ends, though.

Most of my fretjobs have been glue-less, using only a bit of superglue to hold ends down on bound boards.

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Same here - CA on fret ends. I rarely glue the rest of the fret unless there is some kind of issue with the fret slots, or the fingerboard's inlay has been cut to make a slot (I Dremel off fret tangs to prevent cracking/chipping when seating). Even then, only a little Titebond.

Method to the madness? If you're having to rely on glueing frets to keep them seated, then there is something wrong with the wire, the slot, prep or the method of installation. It does provide an extra level of security, although in an idea world it shouldn't be necessary if everything else has been prepared well. I suppose the only "method" would be to use a glue which can be released with heat in case of refret or repair, ie. not epoxy.

Madness? Goes with the territory mate.

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My response to "method in the madness" was a poke at the over zealous methods some people have of doing certain jobs which takes it out of the regions of practicality and into the land of voodoo and nebulous opinion. Personal choice may come down to what the builder/tech uses most (hot hide, Titebond, etc) and has on hand, although I wouldn't buy a glue especially to do fretwork unless it was say, black CA for fret ends (cosmetic) or because I didn't have anything I felt was suitable (I do....Titebond).

I guess i'm saying that I myself don't have a personal choice, as I use what fits the job - I feel that is more important. Then again, I build....a repair tech might come back with a totally different angle because of the nature of the work.

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