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Spraying Proceedure


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I am about to do my first nitro finish. I have done a lot reading up on techniques. one thing that is never covered, what do do with spayer while waitng in between coats? do you have to fully clean after each application when doing several coats in one day?

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I don't have a safe place to spray Nitrocellulose or two part automotive paints so I use the waterbased paints. I clean my guns after each coat waiting no more than two hours before spraying another then cleaning again. This information from Stew Mac may be of use to you just below the pictures of the spraygun. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Finishing_supp...ons/I-5436.html

Good Luck,


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Spaying Proceedure

I normaly let the vet take care of that.

ROTFLMAO!!! I agree let the Vet do it. :D OH Man, I feel for your PUPs they may not sound like you intended though, they will most likely have some treble overtones :D

Seriously though, you should clean the gun between coats. I usually will remove my cup and cover it. then use a small can with some lacquer thinner in it and spray the thinner from the can to clear the gun. wipe down the pickup tube and the rim. Then I'm ready for the next coats. Only when I'm done for the day do I throughly clean the gun.

Just my .02cents.


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I'd like to plug 3M's paint preparation system (search YouTube for PPS or similar, should be a video). Saw a link on the OLF, Rick Turner's talked about it, and my initial tests are very positive. It's a system with disposable cups and flexible liners, the system allows full vacuum in the paint cup (no air at all, so no bubbles, no sputtering due to material flow issues), and when you're done spraying a coat, you can unhook the cup, but a stopper on it, and you have a little self-contained cup of finish, and a gun that can get cleaned out with a minimal amount of thinner (which you can generally re-use for in between coat cleaning). It's not terribly cheap, but 50-60 bucks bought me enough cups for several years' worth of building, assuming I finish up guitars in batches so I can spray multiple instruments at a time.

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