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You can always try mimf.

There are alot of very expirienced and famous builders on this forums. People from Alembic, Griffin Guitars, etc.. The problem is that the forum software is not very good and the mods are very strict and often mindless. They are very unfriendly to beginners and delete answers written by people who did not build a complete instrument yet. You are not allowed to post prices and links. You are even not allowed to post a picture you did not actually shoot yourself. You are not even allowed to post a Fender picture or something like that as a reference if it is not your Fender and the picture was taken by you. Additionally most builders there are very conservative and do not know much about shred type guitars with floyds, etc..


Marcel Knapp!

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Hi nyjbkim,

you were saying that you are in other guitar building forums,do you care to share these with us or are they invite only or not english speaking forums.

Oh, actually, the one I as refering to is really a mailing list, steinberger_world. This is where I "met" Kevin (who has the SS frets.) It's not really a build site but I get a lot of useful info there. I love headless instruments :D.

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I've been a member of the MIMF for about 6 years or better. That's really the first guitar-builder on-line site I started hanging at initially, although I had started building completely on my own first w/ no on-line assistance.

I see where Maestro is coming from, but I don't consider any of the things listed as bad things, I've gotten an awful lot of help there over the years.

Structure and discipline are not necessarily bad things.


The FDP (Fender Discussion Pages),

TDPRI (Telecaster Discussion Pages ReIssue)

TFF (The Fender Forum)

And not so often, but occasional lurking done at the PRS forum and lately, Moser Shredder. Some others, can't remember them all now...

All of the above have a section or a contingent of builders somewhere inside the forum, and most also have an amp section too.

I re-hab amps also, new speakers, baffle-boards, tolex jobs, hardware modifications, faceplates, everything except the hard-core teching. I've got some fantastic techie guys I use for that. I am 'into' old vintage amps also.

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