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Fender Bolt-on Neck Pocket - Should It Be Rectangular Or Tapered?

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I know the standard dimensions quoted are 3" x 2 3/16", but on a couple of necks I have measured, the heel is actually tapered. It's as if the neck is manufactured to be 2 3/16 (55.5mm) at the butt end, and have a straight line taper to the nut where the width is about 43mm. In other words, the neck, 3" from the butt end, is actually a few millimetres smaller than the 2 3/16" (55.5mm) as specified.

Sorry for the mixed measurements - I like to deal in millimetres, but as Fender uses inches, I tried to make it clearer by supplying both where needed.

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You are correct. A standard Fender type neck pocket is tapered at the same angle as the neck.

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It wouldn't make much sense to have a rectangular pocket. The neck pocket is supposed to fit the heel of the neck, and vice versa. Since the heel should be tapered (because it follows the taper of the fretboard), it follows that the neck pocket is tapered as well.

Agreed, but I didn't know for sure that original Fender necks were tapered, AND when you see diagrams like this


on web pages, it can be ambiguous.

Thanks for the verification fellas.

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